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About corporate fitness and nutrition app

Step-by-step, on-demand path to healthy employees.

Sabertooth Fitness provides app-based fitness and nutrition programs for corporate partners. These programs are ROI-positive, highly effective, and comprehensive. This is a hands-off way for you to provide your team members with the tools that they need to maximize their fitness, performance, and body composition. Through a research-based, state-of-the-art fitness and nutrition program, you will save money spent on healthcare costs while boosting staff job satisfaction. The program is actively coached, so your employees will have access to a fitness professional to address all questions and concerns.

It’s all in here: Workout Video Sessions, Nutrition Tracking, Sleep Tracking, Educational Articles, Community, Healthy Habit Reminders, and so much more. All for less than an hour each day and less than a dollar each day.


Proven and Flexible Nutrition Plan


Active Coaching

Daily Articles

Healthy Habit Reminders

Daily Progress Tracking

$59 for 8 weeks

employer benefits


Decreased Absenteeism

Healthy employees are absent far less often than obese/unhealthy employees.


Decreased Healthcare Costs

When employees are healthy and well, employers save on insurance benefits, and employees save on health care.


Increased Productivity

Fit and healthy employees are confident and empowered employees. Healthy bodies create healthy minds.


Increased Job Satisfaction

Employers benefit from a halo effect when third-party programs result in improved employee health and wellness.


Decreased Overall Costs

A study by researchers at Duke University tabulated that obesity-related absenteeism and presenteeism cost U.S. employers $73 billion annually.

Exclusive Sabertooth App Benefits:


Positive ROI

A recent 45-day challenge with a corporate client yielded an ROI of 2.5. That’s $2.50 saved each year for every dollar spent.


Healthy Habit Building

Sabertooth App programs are designed and tested to maximize user engagement and compliance. The programs reward users with points for all tasks and desirable behaviors.


Industry Leading Engagement

A recent 45-day challenge with a corporate client yielded a completion rate 20% higher than the industry average.



Only the Sabertooth App fully integrates nutrition, fitness, sleep, and other healthy habits into a single set of extremely low touch, daily tracking/compliance tasks.


Give Back To Veterans

Veteran-led and Veteran-owned, Sabertooth Fitness understands the importance of caring for our veterans. Sabertooth Fitness provides free access to challenges through a variety of veteran organizations.

Pricing and guarantee

Sabertooth Fitness offers this life changing/money saving program at prices starting at $40/employee per challenge. The durations range from 30 days to 60 days (we recommend the 60-days for maximum impact and value). Discounted pricing is available for groups of 50 or more.

We also offer shorter challenges to support Wellness Weeks and longer challenges to support quarterly goals.

If members of your team are unable to complete the challenge, they will be provided with a free space in the next available public challenge. We want everyone to succeed.

Sample day

Less than an hour a day

sample workout video

excellence is a habit

Case Studies

Safelite® results

45-Day Challenge with Safelite®:

  1. On average a decrease of 9.5 lbs was achieved. 4.1%
  2. On average one-mile running time was reduced by 3:11. 22% improvement
  3. On average resting heart rates were reduced by 4 beats/minute. 5.1%
  4. On average plank time increased by 31 seconds. 116%
  5. On average maximum pushup count increased by 12.63%
  6. On average BMI decreased by 1.4 points.
  7. This correlates to a 1.5-year increase in life expectancy. 4%  
  8. This correlates to an annual savings of $272-$310/employee.
  9. Engagement was 20% higher than the industry average of 30% for comparable programs.
  10. 100% of participants that completed the initial challenge also completed a second, subsequent challenge.

BLVD Capital® results

52-Day Challenge with BLVD Capital (young, healthy individuals)

  1. On average a decrease of 2.6 lbs/participant was achieved.
  2. On average one-mile running time was reduced by 20%
  3. On average resting heart rates were reduced by 9%
  4. On average plank time increased by 62%
  5. On average maximum pushup count increased by 80%
  6. Engagement was 300% higher than the industry average of 30% for comparable programs.
  7. Task compliance rate for the participants was 67%

what they’re saying

I am so thankful for my work family! Steve is doing awesome on his challenge and is a huge support with diet. David is my lunch cardiovascular buddy! Everyone at home is on board with eating clean…. I found our schwinn recumbent bike plugged in and dust free when I got home today.

Hillary P.

I love the cardio days! I feel like I’m taking a break but still staying on the program. I like the feeling of being able to do thirty minutes on the bike. It’s effortless now. Feeling strong!!!
It’s become second nature to make good choices! I don’t really think about food so much. I think I instinctively make better choices now. Bad food choices are  now not only out of sight but out of mind!!
Susan V.

I know I wouldn’t be where I am in my fitness journey today if this wasn’t available to me. 

Linda K.

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