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About Boot Camps

13 Outdoor Boot Camps Every Week! Only $10 class or $80/month unlimited! 

Come out and join our Fitness Family. Get out of the gym and enjoy the incredible SoCal weather and iconic locations. Oh, and this gym has dolphins! Beach, Track, Park, Stairs. Beginner to Almost Impossible. You’ll never see the same workout twice. Sweat. Struggle. Thrive. And become better, faster, and stronger than ever before!

Boot Camp Calendar

2024 May

Week 4

Mon 29
Tue 30
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Sat 4
Sun 5
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Boot Camp Fees

Boot camp 1-Pass

$10 per class

Boot camps monthly Pass

$80 per month unlimited 

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

It kills me that I cannot give this guy 6 stars. I’ve been training and exercising for 3 years and I’ve never found a workout like his boot camps. I’ve trained with dozens of gyms directly and through Class Pass and also worked with Personal Trainers. I’ve done HIIT, Circuit Workouts, Weight lifting and more and nothing can even compare to one session with this guy. I’ve only been training with him for 6 days and I already feel stronger and I feel like my endurance has gone up. I can’t imagine what I’ll be like after 3 months. This guy is so amazing, I feel so blessed to work out with him. Every time I leave his workouts I feel energized, pumped, and happy. His energy is extremely positive and through the roof.

Philip H.

Pete Neumann is an amazing trainer and an awesome guy. He is so consistent. You can count on him hosting a group workout rain or shine. Not only is he a total badass, he has a care-giver personality: a great combination to support and motivate you through a hard workout. Every workout pushes me just past my edge. Which is perfect. He has built a group of awesome people as well. I have been going for over two years now at least once a week.

Ben M.

I may be one of the pickiest people I know when it comes to personal trainers.  Frankly, I am a pain in the ass.  But, with Sabertooth Fitness, my needs were met 100%.  In just weeks, friends commented on the change in my physique – longer, leaner muscles that I would not have achieved elsewhere, certainly not in a gym or using machines.  Pete Neumann is so in tune with each of his clients.  He makes it fun, challenging, and knows just the right work out and when to change it up to keep it fresh and useful.  He listens to your concerns, he is encouraging when you hit a plateau, and he is tough just when he needs to be.  I highly recommend Pete and Sabertooth Fitness to get in shape, stay in shape, stay active, stay healthy, and stay fit.

Karen G.

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