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Without telomeres, your DNA strands become damaged and can’t function properly. Shortened telomere length eventually leads to the inability of the chromosome to replicate at all. When the telomere length shrinks to a critical level and chromosomes can no longer replicate, the cell dies by a process called apoptosis. For this reason, longer telomere length indicates more youthful, healthy cells.

Treat Your Feet

When you are training nearly every day…and working up a sweat while you’re at it. For a variety of reasons you probably don’t wear the same socks, shirt, and shorts/tights every day. The same applies to your shoes.

Max Out Your Workouts

Remember, not one person has ever looked back on a hard workout and said, “Man, I wish I hadn’t done that.“ To get through tough sessions, you are probably going to need some positive messages to carry you…

Perfect Is the Enemy of “Better”

DO NOT get hung up on doing everything perfectly on the first try…just do better than the last time you tried it. Competence comes with repetition.

There Are No Bad Goals

I can post article after article on the benefits of fitness. I can post endless workout videos. I can host workouts until the end of time. But if you don’t have a goal to reach and a reason to reach it, then you are not going to make the effort, endure the discomfort, and stay the course.

Sleep Is Key to Health and Fitness

By now you have noticed that the first question that you get from me every day is about your sleep. Why? Because it matters…it matters a lot.

Stop Tying Your Shoes!

You learned to tie your shoes a long time ago, and you are really, really good at it. You don’t need any more practice….at least not with your athletic shoes.

Relationship Between Alcohol and Fitness

Have you ever noticed that your sweat is thicker/sticky the day after you’ve had a couple of adult beverages? Have you noticed that you feel “low energy” while training on the day after a few drinks?

Vitamin D… More Important Than You Thought

You probably already know that Vitamin D is needed to maintain healthy bones, teeth, skin, and hair. Did you also know that low Vitamin D levels have been linked to various forms of cancer?

Eat Your Breakfast

You’ve heard it 100 times… “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Well, it is…if you want to burn fat and perform athletically. Oh, you want that…you really do!

sabertooth nutrition plans

“Because You Can’t Out-Train a Bad Diet
and You Can’t Outrun a Fork!”

The key to weight loss is to perform enough intense activity to create an increased metabolic rate and couple that with a carefully managed, sensible nutrition plan….in other words “abs are made in the kitchen”. 

The meal plan below is about 1,500 calories/day, so you will need to maintain a high level of activity to keep your metabolism from slowing down. Eat a little bit of good stuff, frequently! This is basically Paleo with beans. Once you get the hang of this, you can swap out with all sort of vegetables, fruits, and proteins. Pete eats this meal plan every day, but you may find that you prefer additional variety. 

If you don’t want/don’t need to lose any weight, then add an additional 1/3 to all of the portions….that will provide enough calories to maintain without gaining or losing. If you have questions or concerns just ask…this is a nutrition plan, not a suicide pact!

Proteins: Sardines, or other oily fish. Chicken…lots of chicken…turkey, lean pork, or lean beef can stand in for chicken. Tofu, tempe, and the rest are also fine. No Tilapia–because this fish contains almost no oil, and the way it is farmed tends to maximize toxins.

Eat every two hours or so. If you stray, keep whatever portion you consume down to something the size of your fist. If you need/prefer, you can combine the meals and only eat 3 times/day.

Feel free to put the salsa on everything…it’s a free ride in terms of calories, and it’s really good for you. If you don’t want to make your own salsa/pico de gallo, then store bought is fine, too.

sabertooth recipes

Sabertooth Sweet Potato Hash Recipe

SABERtooth Sweet Potato HashList of ingredients: 2 Med/Large Sweet Potatoes 2 Cloves Raw Garlic 1/2 lb of Sliced Bacon 4 Tbsp Toasted Sesame Seeds 3 Tbsp Soy Sauce or Tamari  1/2 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream 4 Tbsp Maple Syrup 2 Tsp Ground Sage Salt Pepper Instructions:...

Sabertooth Black Beans Recipe (Pressure Cooker/InstaPot)

Sabertooth Black Beans Recipe With Pressure Cooker/InstaPot!I make big batches of beans and freeze them to avoid living in my kitchen. This recipe makes about 4 quarts of beans...enough for about a month. List of ingredients: 6 Cups Dry Black Beans 11 Cups Water 1 Cup...

Black Bean Recipe

Black Bean Recipe I like to prepare about a gallon at a time and freeze week-sized batches Soak dry, raw black beans overnight…they really swell up, so use 10 parts water to one part beans. Start with a couple of cups of dry beans to get a sense of it.  You can use...

Sabertooth Chia Pudding

SABERtooth Chia Pudding Recipe Yum!Here is the list of ingredients: 2 cups of Sugar free almond milk 8 or more tbsps Raw chia seed - add until desired thickness is achieved. These take about 10 minutes to swell up and thicken the mixture. 1-2 tbsp Cocoa powder...

Sabertooth Salsa Recipe

Sabertooth Salsa Recipe Feel free to put the salsa on everything! This is an easy thing to make, and it stores for a week. Put it on everything! 6 diced Roma tomatoes 1 diced (medium) cucumber 1 diced avocado diced onion to taste (optional) Turmeric (to taste) Soy...

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