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Step-by-step, on-demand guide to the healthy body that you deserve.

It’s all in here: Workout Video Sessions, Nutrition Tracking, Sleep Tracking, Educational Articles, Community, Healthy Habit Reminders, and so much more.

Excellence is a habit.

You are what you do. Each week a new habit is reinforced. You’ll see your efforts rewarded in the mirror and on the Leaderboard.

You can’t outrun your fork.

You’ll have a ton of support here. Simple daily nutrition tracking, weekly check-ins, a flexible nutrition plan, recipes, and daily interaction with your coach guides you on this crucial part of your journey.

Community creates accountability.

It’s a coach-led community of people just like you. Your Fitness Family is there for you, lifting you up and cheering you on. It’s so much more than workouts.


Proven and Flexible Nutrition Plan


Active Coaching

Daily Articles

Healthy Habit Reminders

Daily Progress Tracking

$59 for 8 weeks

Sample day

less than an hour a day

sample workout video

excellence is a habit

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Client Testimonials

130 lbs lost!!

I wasn’t raised with good habits and I didn’t really understand what my daily habits and structure needed to be to make health changes. I did several of the Sabertooth challenges, and now they are part of my daily practice. I continued to stick with the plan after the challenges, I works, When my mom was on hospice and passed I only gained back 10 pounds of the 130 that I lost on the program.

Amanda A. (Irvine, CA)

I started Sabertooth App in June of 2019. My initial goal was to lose some weight and just feel better. What really appealed to me about the program was the fact that I didn’t need to find a gym or purchase any expensive equipment. The Sabertooth app is easy to use and is your guide on your health and wellness journey. Pete provides timely guidance and support and motivates you to do your very best. I started Sabertooth hoping to lose 10-15 pounds. 4 months later I have lost 40 lbs and weigh the same as I did in my early twenties. I recommend Sabertooth to anyone. The results can be life changing. 

Chris S. (Rosholt, WI)

I am a mom of three in my late 40’s. I work over 90 hours a week. After having my third child, I really needed something that was designed for my age and fitness level and would work with my schedule. After completing a 60 days Sabertooth Fitness challenge on the Sabertooth Fitness App, I lost over 10 lbs and built more muscle and stamina than I had when I was in my 20’s, before kids! I can now say I am able to run a 9:30 mile and do 200 push ups in a day!

The Sabertooth Fitness App is an affordable personal trainer and nutritionist all in one.  It is led by a world-class fitness professional.  The App features quick, achievable custom at-home HIIT exercise plans for all fitness levels and nutrition advice and recipes that will help you become your fittest self. These are sports science backed workouts fit into whatever time you can find. The app holds you accountable, the community of people on the app keep you motivated to keep your fitness level and nutrition on track. If you could try on the way I feel you would, without question, try it!

Kelly K. (Los Angeles, CA)

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