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Pete Neumann Fitness Consultant for Tough As Nails on CBS

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At Sabertooth Fitness, we start with simple questions. Why do you need expensive gym memberships and specialized equipment to get fit? Why can’t you achieve fitness with little more than your own body? It turns out you can. So we did. Our Boot Camps, App-Based Challenges, and Personal Training are the most efficient, fun, and economical ways to achieve your fitness goals. You’ll become a better, happier, stronger, and faster version of yourself. Moreover, with your drive and our research, our experience, and our enthusiasm, together we’ll create life changing results.


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It kills me that I can’t give this guy 6 stars. I’ve been training and exercising for 3 years and I’ve never found a workout like his boot camps. I’ve trained with dozens of gyms directly and through Class Pass and also worked with Personal Trainers. I’ve done HIIT, Circuit Workouts, Weight lifting and more and nothing can even compare to one session with this guy. I’ve only been training with him for 6 days and I already feel stronger and I feel like my endurance has gone up. I can’t imagine what I’ll be like after 3 months. This guy is so amazing, I feel so blessed to work out with him. Every time I leave his workouts I feel energized, pumped, and happy. His energy is extremely positive and through the roof.

Philip H.

I started doing the group workouts and absolutely fell in love with Pete’s style and the group itself.  Pete’s hardcore about training and will push you, but his gentle spirit and overall demeanor is unique. He won’t let you get away with NOT pushing yourself, but he’s not screaming at you like a military drill sergeant either. His boot camps are positive experiences — I highly recommend them.  But I also train with him individually on a weekly basis. We never do the same workout. It’s just as challenging as the group workouts but specifically tailored to my individual needs and always fun! The best thing about Pete is, he gets your body in shape — and somehow along the way, your spirit gets in-check too.  Honestly one of the best trainers/coaches I’ve ever had — and I’ve had many in my life since I was a kid. I can’t recommend him enough.

Carmen L.

The whole experience with Sabertooth has become an inspiration to help me consider where other self imposed limits and plateaus exist.

Andrew J.

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