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  • Karen AvatarKaren

    5 star rating I may be one of the pickiest people I know when it comes to personal trainers.  Frankly, I am a pain in the ass.  But, with Sabertooth Fitness, my needs... read more

    Amanda AvatarAmanda

    5 star rating Dog friendly and awesome workout! Pete is a great trainer. I did his online challenge to get started back to where I could actually participate in the bootcamps. I go... read more

    Ben AvatarBen

    5 star rating Pete Neumann is an amazing trainer and an awesome guy. He is so consistent. You can count on him hosting a group workout rain or shine. Not only is he... read more

  • Elizabeth AvatarElizabeth

    Pete is beyond the best trainer. Most supportive, knowledgeable, kind person that gets permanent results quickly. Love Pete!

    chris Avatarchris

    5 star rating Background: I'm a man in my fifties who hasn't done any regular exercise in probably 20 years.

    I started seeing Pete 1-on-1 in January 2018. He is very down to earth...
    read more

    Kara AvatarKara

    "Pete is an excellent trainer. He tailored a demanding circuit/interval training workout to my goal of increasing my fitness and conditioning for tennis. He had me sweating! If you want... read more

  • Carmen AvatarCarmen

    5 star rating I started doing the group workouts and absolutely fell in love with Pete's style and the group itself.  Pete's hardcore about training and will push you, but his gentle spirit... read more

    Adrienne AvatarAdrienne

    I have had trainers off and on for the majority of time that I have been a working professional and without question Pete is the BEST trainer that I have... read more

    David AvatarDavid

    5 star rating the best workout in your life.  Pete Neuman makes it fun and will motivate you.  The best locations  and very nice people!

  • Peter AvatarPeter

    5 star rating Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.  If you think you're in great shape he will push you more.  If you are just getting started he will not shame you. The workouts are... read more

    Eric AvatarEric

    Want to know my secret for *really* being fit overall? If you're in the LA area, you have to checkout Sabertooth Fitness and Pete Neumann. Before joining 18 months ago... read more

    Jenn AvatarJenn

    LA friends! Can't say enough superlative things about this Boss and Beast of (Mental and) Physical Fitness, the inimitable Pete Neumann. I'm regularly afraid of him, while also amused by... read more

  • Martina AvatarMartina

    5 star rating Best trainer EVER, never shaming, always positive, keeps you motivated (and sore) and push you to your edge. Yay!!! So glad I found this bootcamp, and this fun group of people.

    screddy Avatarscreddy

    5 star rating I work out with Pete several times a week. He is a great trainer: enthusiastic, friendly, encouraging, disciplined...knowledgeable about exercise, biology, nutrition. He lives out his philosophy. He's truly dedicated.... read more

    Arlene AvatarArlene

    5 star rating incredible program- too advanced for me but i am improving.
    So much info, such positive people... and truly affordable.
    And Pete is a caring coach, in a ruthless kind of way!...
    read more

  • Adrienne AvatarAdrienne

    5 star rating Pete is hands down the best trainer I have ever had.  Another reviewer said that he is a great combination of support and motivation and I am going to repeat... read more

    Jennifer AvatarJennifer

    "Pete was awesome! He got me moving and sweating, utilizing my strengths and working on my weaknesses. It's now a few hours after our workout and I'm feeling good, motivated,... read more

    Jim AvatarJim

    5 star rating The Best Trainer I've Ever Met. I'm in my early 50's, I've worked out my whole adult life, I've been training with Pete now for about 2 years, I'm in... read more

About Pete Neumann

Pete Neumann is an HIIT and SMIT exercise practitioner/fitness and nutrition geek. Pete has completely abandoned the gym for high-intensity, body weight training techniques. He has cracked the diet and exercise code after slogging through the usual gyms and injuries over several decades. Now, Pete is leaner, healthier, stronger, and faster in his 50s than he has ever been. If Pete can do it, you can do it.

Why choose the SABERtooth Training System?

Because Pete has personally and remotely coached 1,000s of people, at all fitness levels, for their sport, for general fitness, for weight loss and for events: Tough Mudders, Spartan Races, Triathlons, etc. Every single person has gotten fitter with improved body composition. By the way…Pete does this every day.

It’s Pete’s Passion — Pete’s Superpower!

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