SABERtooth Nutrition Plan

“Because You Can’t Out-Train a Bad Diet
and You Can’t Outrun a Fork!”

The key to weight loss is just enough intense activity to create an increased metabolic rate and a carefully managed nutrition plan….in other words “abs are made in the kitchen”. 

The meal plan below is about 1,500 calories/day, so you need to maintain a high level of activity to keep your metabolism from slowing down. Eat a little bit of good stuff, frequently! This is basically Paleo with beans. Once you get the hang of this, you can swap out with all sort of vegetables, fruits, and proteins. Pete eats this meal plan every day, but you may find that you prefer additional variety. 

If you don’t want/don’t need to lose any weight, then do what I do, and add an additional 1/3 to all of the portions….that gets me enough calories to maintain without gaining or losing. If you have questions or concerns just ask…this is a nutrition plan, not a suicide pact!

Proteins: Sardines, other oily fish. Chicken…lots of chicken…turkey, lean pork, or lean beef can stand in for chicken. Tofu, tempe, and the rest are also fine. No Tilapia-because this fish contains almost no oil, and the way it is farmed tends to maximize toxins.

Eat every two hours or so. If you stray, keep whatever portion you consume down to something the size of your fist. If you need/prefer, you can combine the meals and only eat 3 times/day.

Feel free to put the salsa on everything…it’s a free ride in terms of calories, and it’s really good for you. If you don’t want to make your own salsa/pico, then store bought is fine, too.

SABERtooth Recipes

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