Max Out Your Workouts

6 Tools To Take Your Workouts From Good To Great

Excellence is a habit. That habit is formed by routinely overcoming adversity. Take advantage of this opportunity to be EXCELLENT.

Talk The Talk:  Remember, not one person has ever looked back on a hard workout and said, “Man, I wish I hadn’t done that.“ To get through tough sessions, you are probably going to need some positive messages to carry you…a collection of phrases, mantras, and slogans that get us past our discomfort and allow to focus on the business of improvement.

  • Getting better feels bad.
  • Movement is improvement.
  • It burns because it’s working.
  • You’re already sweaty–you might as well finish this.
  • Pain is weakness leaving the body.
  • This is a conversation between your mind and your body…dominate the conversation.
  • It’s only 20 seconds…I can do ANYTHING for 20 seconds…I could be on fire for 20 seconds.
  • It’s mind over matter. I don’t mind, so this doesn’t matter.
  • This is how “amazing“ trains.
  • The currency of improvement is discomfort.
  • You get what you give…you deserve 100%, so give 100%
  • Train insane or remain the same.
  • Eat clean–train dirty.

Know The Signs:  Your body is basically a cranky toddler that wants a snack and a nap. Your body is going to send you a lot of “quit signals.“ Sudden thirst, “maybe I’ll do a little less today and do more tomorrow“, and just the overwhelming desire to stop. These are all quit signals…they are your body’s way of conserving resources. Understand that you have made a lot of deals with your body, and your body is going to get upset when you start shredding those contracts. Your body will adapt, and it will adapt quickly. The body’s role is to serve the mind. Stay strong in your determination, and you will be strong in your body. The workouts are short….your body can handle them.

Get Primitive:  While you are in the middle of your workout, imagine the primitive version of you going all out just to survive. Imagine yourself being chased by a tiger or a pack of wolves. Train like your life depends on it…it does!

Feed Your Ego:  Flex a little. Make the world a better place, and bare that flat stomach. Not there yet…go ahead and look forward to looking amazing. Remind yourself that other people are not working as hard as you are. Showing off a little isn’t the worst thing you could do…you might inspire someone! Now go get it!!

Gripe It Out:  Some of my best athletes spend half of the workout complaining about how hard the workout is. That’s how they cope, and that’s OK. Here you can vent to your heart’s content. Your coach and your fellow participants are happy to listen and chime in.

Social Commitment:  Make it real by telling your friends. Announce to your social network that you are going to do this. Share weekly/bi-weekly updates in your feeds to let them know about your progress. You will receive an outpouring of praise and support. The added benefit is that you may inspire a couple of your friends/family to get better along the way.

If you have self-motivational tools of your own, share them. Everyone needs a little boost now and then.

Strap in, hang on, stay busy, and get it done!


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