1500 Calorie Plan

sabertooth nutrition plan

“Because You Can’t Out-Train a Bad Diet
and You Can’t Outrun a Fork!”


1/3 cup beans…the beans can be refried, mashed, or whole. Black beans are preferred. (Beans can be refried, mashed, or whole.)

2 cooked eggs…any style, but cook the whites. If you are frying your eggs, feel free to fry them in butter.

One Turkey Sausage link–or a comparable amount of chicken breast

1 cup (raw or cooked) chopped kale, parsley, or broccoli—this is important to trigger fat release.


1 cup (raw or cooked) chopped kale, parsley, or broccoli

1/3 steamed chicken breast…similar sized portion of lean protein.

Sabertooth Salsa


1/3 cup beans

1 cup (raw or cooked) chopped kale, parsley, spinach, or broccoli. Any veg will do here.

1/3 steamed chicken breast…similar sized portion of lean protein.

Sabertooth Salsa


1/3 cup of fresh fruit. Berries are preferred…any fruit is fine, but keep bananas down to one/week.

Handful of nuts—10-15


One cup of Chia Pudding and a scoop of sugar-free whey protein. Or have a 1/4 cup of lean protein and a 1/3 cup of fruit. Or a cup of sweet potato in whatever form you like.

MEAL 6: 

2 cups of raw broccoli, cucumber, or green peppers–a little dressing is OK. Again, any vegetable is fine here.


1/3 steamed chicken breast…similar sized portion of lean protein.

1 cup (raw or cooked) chopped kale, parsley, or broccoli—any veg will do.

Sabertooth Salsa

Give yourself about 3 hours between the last meal and bedtimeAll the hot sauce, salsa, coffee, and water that you want.

No sugar, no rice, no wheat, no alcohol, etc. This truly Spartan diet provides the appropriate balance of Protein, Carbohydrate, and Fats at a low calorie level. On this diet, you need to maintain a high level of physical activity.

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